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          60th World Statistics Congress – ISI2015



          ISI2015 Proceedings Now Available

          The proceedings of the 60th ISI World Statistics Congress are now available for open consultation.  All abstracts and papers provided (where available) corresponding to the presentations made during the Congress are accessible via the Proceedings page, which is availab... more


          Completion of proceedings for ISI2015

          As part of the work to complete the proceedings for ISI2015, presenting authors may still update papers submitted to the Congress using the Submission System. They may also opt out of including specific papers in the proceedings. Please note that the Submission System will close... more


          Certificates of participation and paper presentation now available

          Certificates of participation at the Congress and of presentation of papers are now available for download from the WSC Submission System. Participation certificates were issued only to participants who checked in at the WSC registration desk in Rio. Certificates of paper pres... more



          Welcome video
          Information Bulletin No. 2
          Final schedule of sessions
          CPS schedule
          Promotional leaflet (English)
          Promotional leaflet (Portuguese)

          We are delighted to invite you to the 60th ISI World Statistics Congress (WSC), which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during 26–31 July 2015.

          The WSC is the flagship conference of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and its seven associations. It is a biennial conference with a rich tradition, and IBGE is pleased to host and organize ISI2015 in Brazil.


          The congress will bring together members of the statistical community to present, discuss, promote and disseminate research and best practice in every field of Statistics and its applications. The Scientific Programme of the ISI2015 will include a wealth of activities that will cover stimulating topics and will offer delegates innovative and well-balanced presentations, as well as plenty of opportunities for discussion and exchange.

          A rich and exciting Social Programme is also being developed, with plenty to see and enjoy for participants and their accompanying persons, hoping to make your trip to Rio and taking part in ISI2015 a truly unforgettable experience.

          We are also proud to announce that media representatives from all over the world will join us to transmit live from the event. Our official partner is BBC, and you can watch BBC in the Philippines on your laptop, tablet, or mobile by using BBC iPlayer. In case it doesn't work for you, here are some useful instructions to connect.

          The venue - Riocentro - is located in Barra da Tijuca, a district surrounded by natural beauty but also many sophisticated bars, restaurants and several malls and close to a variety of historical and cultural programs that only the Wonderful City can offer.

          We are confident that all the ingredients are in place to ensure that the 60th ISI World Statistics Congress will be a memorable statistical event!


          Dr. Wasmália Bivar

          Brazilian Institute of
          Geography and Statistics

          Professor Vijay Nair

          International Statistical
          Institute (ISI)

          International Statistical Institute Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistical Exibition and Convention Center Escala Eventos
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